Stacked Fundraiser Request

Thank you for your interest in having a fundraiser at STACKED. Fundraisers at STACKED are a great way to raise awareness and funds for your organization.  Sign up below, spread the word and raise some money while enjoying great food! Let us host your next fundraiser and you will earn back 20% of the sales generated by your organization.


• Fill out the form below

• Once approved, STACKED will send you your own custom flyers within 5 days


• Supporters of your fundraiser bring their flyers in on the day of the event and give to their concierge

• At the end of the meal the concierge will print a copy of the receipt and attach to the flyer to ensure proper credit to your organization


• STACKED will mail your check for the 20% earned during your fundraiser

• Please allow one week to receive your check

Guest Information

Fundraiser Information

NOTE: Fundraisers are held during business hours Monday-Thursday excluding Holidays

How does the Organization Receive Payment?

Additional Information

The success of your fundraiser is dependent on the effort put out by your group in distributing flyers. When we send you the flyer we will also provide you with some suggestions for how to make your event more successful that we have learned from previous fundraisers.

A Few Rules:
  1. STACKED will donate 20% of the amount spent by guests who present fundraising flyers on the day of the fundraiser. Donation applies to bill for the entire party (excluding tax and tip).
  2. Good for dine-in or to-go.
  3. Do not pass out flyers inside or directly outside the restaurant to people coming to STACKED not affiliated with the organization being supported.
  4. Must have at least 5 flyers presented (one flyer per table) to qualify for 20% donation.
  5. Fundraisers are held Monday thru Thursday only.
**We also offer a Gift Card Sales Fundraiser, which is another way to earn money for your organization. Ask us for details. **